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On the Glowing side or an attempt to live ethically on a budget

Hello! My name is Wen and I am a recently graduated student with a passion for sustainable fashion. I have been a blogger for the past 3 years on Comics Girls Need Bras and this first blogging journey led me to be more aware of the impact our fast consumption of absolutely everything on the world around us.
I come from a middle class family which originate from a poorer background. Because of that, I didn’t grow up following the last fashion trends and fast fashion has been a big part of my closet growing up. That being said, I was not spoilt with clothes and material goods. For the longest time I didn’t realize that “expensive” clothing could also mean more ethical environment for workers. Actually, the only thing I would spend a lot of money for was my lingerie, simply because, I was taught the importance of good quality underwear for my own sake. And even then, the question of sustainability never crossed my mind. I just thought luxury stuff were expensive and lingerie for fuller bust was often made by luxury companies (in France at least). Anyway, blogging exposed me to fashion in an unexpected way. I met people from different background. Designers, customers, industry leaders… I got to see wholesale prices too. And it finally hit me. The cost of any items hide the many different step of its fabrication. From inception to conception and everybody behind this process deserve to be paid for his contribution. So how much money can people get from the sale of a 5$ bra or t-shirt? All these people involved…
This epiphany changed my life in so many ways. I am just looking for a way to be myself, that 23yo fashion addict on a budget, without hurting the planet and many other brown women. So I started this new blog, to reference my finds and my thoughts on the ethical side of fashion.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Yours truly,

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